Paul Whitley
Portrayed by James LeGros
Father Paul
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Mercy
Cause of Death: Cardiac arrest after crashing into a pole.
Occupation: Former Priest at St. Francis
Former investors enticing of Grayson Global
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Character Information
First appearance: Sin
Latest appearance: Mercy
Appearance Count: 3

Father Paul Whitley was a Grayson Global employee who assisted the Graysons in framing David Clarke.


Pre SeriesEdit

Prior to the Flight 197 incident, Paul, a smooth talker, was in charge of investment enticing at Grayson Global. After the plane went down, the Graysons hired him to hold closed-door meetings with everybody that betrayed David Clarke and convince the undecided accomplices to follow through. He received a substantial sum of money for his services and his silence. Afterwards, he had a change of heart and entered a church in order to help people and try to redeem himself. He eventually became a priest.

Season 3Edit

12 Paul 8

Father Paul taken down

Paul first appeared in "Sin", when Emily and Daniel came to his church and asked him to officiate at their wedding. Later, Paul visited Grayson Manor and encouraged Conrad to ask for forgiveness for his sins, but Conrad refused the offer. Because Paul has become a good person, Nolan tries to talk Emily out of getting revenge against  him, but she insists on moving forward with it. Later, Emily lured Paul to a seedy motel and knocked him unconscious. She then took photos of him and a woman in a compromising position and sent them to Pastor Saunders, Paul's superior. Paul took Emily to the homeless shelter where he worked and Emily realized too late that he was a changed man. Because the photos were discovered, Paul was discharged from the parish. When Conrad later came to see Paul, Emily told him that an "incident" had occured and Paul had left the church.


Father Paul after the accident

In "Confession", Paul accepted Emily's conditions to make Conrad confess. He proposed Conrad to confess in order to leave this world in peace and he accepts as he don't want to die alone. They left with the objective of turning in Conrad in order to clean David Clarke's name for Charlotte, but Emily find him hurt badly after they had a car accident.

In "Mercy", Paul was rushed to the hospital where he later went into cardiac arrest and died.


Season 3


  • Paul is the only member from the David Clarke Conspiracy who felt remorse for what he had done and tried to change his life for the better.
  • Paul is the only one of Emily's Takedowns that she has felt remorse for. It is also the only takedown she has tried to fix.
  • Paul is the first to die in Season 3. With Lydia's return in Secrecy it also makes him the second of the David Clarke Conspiracy members to die. The first being Frank Stevens.

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