Open Arms Charity Gala
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New York, New York USA


Summer 2011



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Open Arms was a charity created for the families of the victims of Flight 197, founded by Victoria Grayson. It is unknown whether Victoria did so out of gulit or to cover her tracks. Charlotte Grayson did not attend the gala because she stole her mother's car to go on a joy-ride with Declan Porter.

"Lydia was scheduled to introduce Victoria at the gala. Lydia was not happy with the recent events and planned to make a speech exposing the truth behind Flight 197. Frank got wind of this and informed his boss. Shortly before Lydia went to the podium, Victoria whispered something into her ear. Whatever Victoria said frightened Lydia enough to change her speech." - ABC website

Meanwhile Emily sent Nolan to a mission as Lydia had found a photo of her and Victoria and in the back appears Emily as a waitress, but she was listed in the service as Amanda Clarke. His mission, change the photo for another without her, but before he arrived Frank went to see Lydia as he thought that all of the previous takedowns had been performed by her. Lydia finished falling from her attic to a taxi, leaving her hurt badly.