Nolan and Patrick
Nolan Patrick
General Information
First Met: Confession
Intimacy Level: Lovers
Status: Ended

This is the romantic relationship between Nolan Ross and Patrick Osbourne

Season 3Edit

They first met in Confession. Nolan was talking by phone in the beach club, and Patrick, who was there taking sun asked him to hang it up. Nolan talked to him about his Housewarming and Patrick told him that he knew everything. Nolan invited him to the party and discovered that he was non other than Victoria Grayson's first born, Patrick Osbourne. Then Patrick made an apearance at the end of the party asking Nolan if he was sent by Emily to suss him. Nolan swore that he hadn't known who Patrick was until after he had invited him.

In Mercy they found again in the beach club and Nolan managed to steal his wallet to investigate him. And he discovered that he had been married and made a trip to see her. Then they met in Nolan's house and Nolan told him that he had found his wallet when he returned to see him. Then Nolan tried to kiss him but Patrick refused, Nolan told him that he thought that they had a special connection. Patrick says that they had and kiss him.

In Control Patrick found out that Nolan has paid his ex-wife to tell secrets about him and decided to end the relation. Later, thanks to an advice from Victoria he goes to Nolan house to reignite their relationship and have sex.


Season 3Edit

Nolan: Have Mercy.

- Mercy


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