Nolan and Marco
General Information
Nickname(s): Molan
First Met: Pre-Pilot
Intimacy Level: Dated
Status: Exes

There would be no company without David and I wasn't about to screw over his daughter after everything that she'd been through. If you don't get that then I don't think we have a future together.
Nolan to Marco in Lineage

Nolan and Marco once worked together at NolCorp, with Marco Romero being Nolan's CFO. Eventually, the two became involved romantically.

After most likely a long time of dating, Marco discovers Emily Thorne's trust money that was withdrawn completely, leading Marco to believe that Nolan had stolen money from the company. Nolan tried to come clean by admitting that he gave the money to his first investor's daughter, Marco found himself disgusted by the thought of being affiliated to the alleged terrorist. Nolan then broke up with him for not understanding.

Season 2Edit

When Marco comes to the Hamptons, other than the fact that Nolan is already in a relationship with his new CFO, Padma Lahari, Nolan cannot bring himself to trust Marco again, especially since he revealed to Daniel Grayson his former discoveries about NolCorp and David Clarke. Marco, however, is insistent in waiting for Nolan, saying he wants a fresh start for them.

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