Nolan and Louise Wedding Reception
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Grayson Manor


Summer 2014



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July 4th Party 2014

This was the Nolan and Louise's Wedding reception. It was organized by Emily Thorne and celebrated in the Grayson Manor. At the very beginning of the reception, Nolan found his political family that were asking for Louise but he left refusing to talk with them. Then Nolan and Emily discovered that Louise had left to Claremont thinking that she had killed her father and Emily decided to bring her back. Meanwhile Victoria faced her "friends" and asked them why they didn't attend her event. Then Victoria blackmailed them into donating to the Daniel Grayson Fundation or she would reveeal their secrets. That way she proved Natalie that she was still the Queen of the Hamptons. Margaux and Jack found eachother at the party and make peace. David and Victoria also met but they continued like the former they ended like they started. Penelope confronted Nolan and Louise came to expose her mother. Finally David and Emily could enjoy a dance happily and at the end of the party, Victoria received a call saying that there had been a death in the family.