Nolan and Jack
Nolan Jack
General Information
First Met: Pre-Pilot
Status: Best Friends
Relation: Friendship

Nolan and Jack are best friends. They met prior the series began, but they became friends during the 2011 summer. But it wasn't until summer 2013 that they came true with what they knew about Emily. Since then they both have been her allies and they have performed various missions for her.


Season 1Edit

Nolan Jack 101

Nolan and Jack in the Amanda

In "Pilot" Nolan was asking Jack to take him to a ride in the Amanda, trying to become his friend

Nolan Jack 102

Nolan and Jack at Emily's house

In "Trust" Nolan bought Jack's boat but asked him to go sailing with him. Then he invited him to Emily's housewarming bash and told him that he would give him the Amanda back for free if he acceded to hang out with him, which he accepted

Season 2Edit

Season 3Edit

Season 4Edit

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