Confession 4
Nolan Ross' Housewarming Bash
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Nolan's House, South Hampton


Summer 2013



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Memorial Day Party (Emily's)

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Victoria Grayson's Welcome Reception

This is the Housewarming to inaugurate Nolan's house, celebrated in his house. During the event, a number of the attendants had their own ulterior motives behind their appearance there; Aiden used it to appear in public alongside Victoria to create tension not only between him and Daniel but between Emily and Victoria too. With said tension rising, Victoria asked Emily how she managed to purchase Nolan's house, a brief conflict ensured finalising in Emily less than privately announcing that the Grayson's were bankrupt. Margaux used Jack to attend at the party so she could offer Nolan an offer to appear in the cover of her magazine without Daniel's approval. Once the party had finished, Patrick made an appearance to gauge whether Nolan had invited him merely to work him out. Whilst there, he made it clear that he did not want to be in the middle of the feud between Emily and Victoria.