Niko Takeda
Portrayed by Stephanie Jacobsen
Niko Profile
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Occupation: Nurse
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Significant Others: Aiden Mathis † (lover)
Parents: Satoshi Takeda † (father)
Mai Aoki † (possible mother)
Character Information
First appearance: Homecoming
Latest appearance: Payback
Appearance Count: 4
Do you remember what I told you? Nothing's changed.
— Niko, Homecoming

Niko Takeda is the daughter of Satoshi Takeda.


Season 2

After Aiden was shot by Daniel she healed him.

Season 3

3x11 Niko

Niko with Aiden

In "Homecoming" Niko found out that Emily had been shot, so she infiltrated the hospital as a nurse to find Aiden, and when she found him she kissed him. 

3x12 Niko

Niko decides to avenge her father

In "Endurance" Niko is named as Emily's nurse at Grayson Manor, and she reveals that she is the daughter of Takeda. She is planning to avenge her father, not knowing he has died by Aiden's hand.

3x13 Niko

Niko realizes that Aiden killed her father

In "Hatred" Niko helped Emily cauterize her gunshot wounds after she pulled out her stitches in her sleep. Niko moved in with Nolan and Aiden. Aiden gave her a ticket to Russia to find Gregor Hoffman after he convinced her that he was the killer, but when she was packing she found Takeda's katana, the murder weapon and realized that Aiden killed him.

3x14 Niko

Niko ready to kill Emily

In "Payback" Niko kidnapped Aiden to make him pay. She brought him to Takeda's house and told him that she had left a clue so Emily could find them and then she would kill her. When Emily arrived they fought leaving Emily as the winner but Emily didn't kill her because Aiden convinced her and told Niko to leave, so she did.



  • Niko shares the same first name as Niko Bellic from the video game "Grand Theft Auto IV". Both characters are also hoping to avenge someone close to them (Niko Takeda hopes to avenge her father, while Niko Bellic could avenge his childhood friends who were betrayed in a war). They are also immigrants to America (Bellic was born in Eastern Europe and Takeda was likely born in Japan).
  • Niko's mother's name is unknown. It is assumed that Mai Aoki, Takeda's deceased fiancee, is her mother.