Season 3, Episode 4
Mercy 7
Air date October 20, 2013
Written by Karin Gist
Directed by J. Miller Tobin
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Mercy is the 4th episode of Season 3 and is the 48th episode overall.


When Emily's biggest takedown yet crashes and burns, she must rely on help from an unlikely source to investigate what went wrong. Meanwhile, to protect her own future, Victoria makes a bold move to secure her independence.



Conrad is rushed to the hospital. Father Paul is right behind him with life-threatening injuries. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, there’s no saving the priest. As for Conrad, he’s going to be fine. He’s also working out his story/lie as to how Father Paul was driving at the time of the crash. After all, the doctors warned him not to get behind the wheel with his disease. Conrad is pleased that Emily was first on the scene. She saw the priest’s body on the ground as if it had been ejected from the driver’s seat. Conrad believes she’s his guardian angel. Emily does her best to mask what she’s truly feeling inside.

Emily believes Conrad caused the accident to keep Father Paul quiet. She doesn’t think he ever intended to confess. Since Aiden is staying at Grayson Manor, Emily wants him to keep his ears open and replace Conrad’s medicine with some new pills. As far as the investigation into the car crash, Emily is shocked to learn that Daniel gave the police a statement on her behalf. This was accompanied by a little payoff check to the detective in charge. Emily decides to return the favor by providing Daniel’s bio for the launch of his new magazine. She intentionally mentions his past drunk driving charges. Her fiancé is not pleased.

Charlotte has some renovation plans for the Stowaway. She also has plans for its owner, as she encourages Jack to take Margaux to her brother’s wedding. That’s not going to happen. Jack doesn’t plan on attending. He claims he needs a little break from Emily Thorne. In other news, Nolan decides to do a little snooping into Patrick’s background after lifting his wallet at the beach club. His timeout from cyber-hacking appears to be officially over. Nolan’s investigation leads him to the sunny state of Florida where $20,000 in cash scores him an informative chat with Patrick’s ex-wife.

Victoria gets teary-eyed gazing at one of the first pieces of art she ever acquired. Her fear that Conrad will destroy her reputation by eventually confessing his sins weighs heavily on her mind. Patrick convinces her that she can break free from his clutches. She calls upon art gallery owner Sheila Lurie for a job. As short time later, Patrick pays a visit to his mom’s new employer intending to fence one of Victoria’s art pieces. This is something Sheila has done in the past.

Emily gets word from Aiden about the salvage yard where Conrad had his car moved. She lets Jack know that a confession from the man they both despise is not in the cards any longer. As usual, she wants to handle thing on her own. That’s not gonna work for Jack. He’s furious when Conrad shows up at his place trying to win back Charlotte. A short time later, Jack surprises Emily at the salvage yard. The fact that Conrad had an airbag installed in his car and has burns on his body proves that he was driving. Of course, having the automobile as evidence would be nice. Too bad it’s hauled away right in front of Emily and Jack’s eyes.

There a big reception at the art gallery for Victoria’s first day on the job. Charlotte is proud of her mom for what she is doing. She also gives Emily some advice on how to make things right with her brother. Apparently, Daniel is a sucker for a stream of The Big Lebowski. Works every time. Maybe not this time though. Conrad advises his son to not succumb to Emily’s power play. This is just before he admits that he was the one driving at the time of the accident. Daniel covered for him only because he’s finally starting to make a name for himself with the magazine.

As the reception at the art gallery presses on, Victoria has a backroom chat with her new boss. She knows Sheila tried to sell one her art pieces without the proper paperwork. That’s larceny. Victoria knows that her boss tried to humiliate her with the reception. The welcoming party is now becoming a farewell bash. Victoria instructs Sheila to tell the guests that she is the new proprietor of the gallery. Well, that’s one way to advance in the company. It was all thanks to Patrick’s plan.

Jack learns that someone tampered with the brakes on Conrad’s car. There would have been a crash no matter who was driving. It looks as though Conrad is clean. Aiden assures Emily that he didn’t tamper with the brakes. He’s also upset to learn from Emily that Jack knows the truth about her identity for past 6 months. Conrad also shares some truth. He was misdiagnosed with Huntington’s Disease. Now he can back to his destiny of leading the Grayson family.

Nolan returns from his Florida trip a little wiser than he was when he left. The information he received was enough to encourage him to make a move on Patrick. It’s a move that’s initially rejected. Patrick ultimately assures Nolan that there is, indeed, something between them before the two of them share a kiss. This salacious smooch has Nolan channeling his inner-Uncle Jesse by letting out a little “have mercy” cry.

Back at the Stowaway, Jack gets the scoop about Conrad from Emily. This has him wanting to attend her wedding so he can be there when she takes down the Graysons. Emily doesn’t want to put him in danger. This may be something that’s out of her control. Aiden tells Conrad that Jack is the one who tampered with his brakes because he wants him dead.


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Daniel: Walk out that door and I'm not gonna be here when you come back.
Emily: Don't forget to turn on the alarm.

Emily: I thought you were better, but your just as wrapped up as your families lies.

Victoria: It's prophetic, as Conrad was the serpent all along.

Charlotte: Success is all about branding.

Patrick: [to Nolan] You know for a guy with amazing pool you sure do spend a little time at the beach club.

Victoria: Good luck getting the authorities to swallow this tripe.

Conrad: You are my guardian angel, Emily.

Patrick: What can I tell you, I'm a astard in mroe ways thna one.

Nolan: No, no. No. No technology. Will get you into trouble... just once. Then I can stop. Yeah, I can stop any time. If I can't stop, then I'll write a programme that will make me stop... Sweet cord of connectivity, come to papa.

Emily: Can you get me into the police database?
Nolan: ..With a library card?

Patrick: The enevability of the tide.

Conrad: So why don't you go by to your cabana, going back over the ocean.
Aiden: If you still run this house I might actually be scared.

Patrick: Ever feel like you don't belong?
Nolan: Story of my life.

Jack: So either I get to tell this truth- or the other one.

Aiden: I came back here to help you finish this.

Sheila: How much more can a poor man endure?
Victoria: Trust me Sheila, that man will always rise above.

Nolan: I need details. Would twenty thousand dollars change your mind? Apologise in advance, all hundreds.
Lacey: What do you want to know?

Charlotte: You said you've taken a job, I had to see it to believe it.

Victoria: Must be trouble in paradise.

Victoria: It's the ladder.
Sheila: Well then the job is yours.

Conrad: I'd rather have she not have learned of my accident on .. twitter.

Charlotte: Sometimes I swear I don't know the real Emily.

Jack: If i'm in danger, I'd like to know.

Jack: I need a break from Emily Thorne.

Aiden: No, Conrad. Jack Porter wants you dead.


Last.fm_play.png "Cold Feet" – Lost Lander
Last.fm_play.png "Warm Thoughts" – Flume
Last.fm_play.png "I Move Around" – Gospel Claws
Last.fm_play.png "Pilgrim's Blues" – Oh Mercy
Last.fm_play.png "How I Miss You" – Speedmarket Avenue




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  • This is a Nolan-centric episode.[1]
  • Someone will end up in a emergency room.[2]
  • Several scenes were cut from the episode, according to official episode pictures.
  • Nolan and Patrick kisses in this episode.
  • Father Paul dies in this episode.
  • Conrad discovers that he does not have the Huntington’s Disease.
  • It is revealed that someone tried to kill Conrad Grayson but tampering with his car.
  • Emily and Jack team up to prove Conrad guilty of Father Paul's death.
  • Victoria, as of the end of this episode, owns an art gallery.
  • This is the first episode of Season 3 where Emily does not narrate at the beginning of the episode.



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