Masquerade 20
Masquerade Ball
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The Grayson Manor


October 31th 2012



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2012 Engagement Party

During Halloween, the Graysons celebrated masquerade party. Emily, after she discovered that Victoria had a child before Daniel and Charlotte, sent an rsvp letter to Victoria from "her loving son", and continued to torment her by sending Victoria 11 black roses, along with a note stating that her first born son would be wearing the twelfth rose. Victoria did not invite Emily, who showed up anyway as Daniel invited her. Another party guest, and previous date of Daniels, then shows Victoria the article about Emily and Daniel and how they are once again dating. Victoria confronts Daniel who gives her back the bullets she sent him and tells her to use "one for each of her two faces". Emily and Jack have an awkward conversation, and are then interrupted by Daniel, who takes Emily out to dance, while Charlotte punches Regina in the face after she insults Amanda. After Aiden had discovered Padma's dead body and killed Trask, he appeared at the party and told Emily and Nolan about Padma's death, causing Nolan to have a mental breakdown and leave. Victoria sees the a man hired by Emily who she belives to be her son, wearing the twelfth rose. She follows him to the middle of the room but eventually loses him. She thinks she has found him again but it is really Aiden, then fainting in his arms.