Season 2, Episode 18
Masquerade 14
Air date March 31, 2013
Written by Sunil Nayar & JaSheika James
Directed by Allison Liddi-Brown
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Masquerade is the 18th episode of Season 2 also the 40th episode overall.


Hamptonites celebrate Halloween with a glamorous masquerade ball hosted by the Graysons, which is a perfect setting for Emily to drag out Victoria's skeletons. Jack steps up his revenge plan and finds an unexpected ally, and Aiden makes a bold move with a gruesome conclusion.


All too often, we mask truth in artifice, concealing ourselves for fear of losing the ones we love or prolonging a deception for those we wish to expose. We hide behind that which brings us comfort from pain and sadness or use it to repel a truth too devastating to accept.

–-Emily Thorne

It’s time for the annual Grayson Masquerade Ball. Victoria hopes to set up Daniel with a young lady named Sloan. After all, it’s been six weeks since her son’s failed reconciliation attempt with Emily. The queen sifts through her RSVPs to find one postmarked from 1973. It’s supposedly from her long lost son. She was just a teen when she gave him away forever. The RSVP reads “expect the unexpected.” Sounds like the makings of fun party. Too bad Emily isn’t on the guest list. At least, not yet.

Six weeks have passed since Padma went missing. Nolan has been obsessively trying to find her with no help from the police. He has to believe she’s alive even though every alley he runs down is a dead end. Emily has an idea how to find her. She asks Aiden to torpedo the Initiative’s investments. So he does. Daniel is furious. Then he’s fearful. That’s just something a meeting with the ever-scary Mr. Trask will do to a person. The menacing man with the slicked-back hair says the Initiative is liquidating all its assets in Grayson Global. Daniel is free from their clutches. The first thing he does is call Emily to invite her to the masquerade ball. Conrad preps for a big chat with the townies with Ashley and consultant Evan Spradlin. But it’s Jack’s advice on how to talk to the common man that makes the most sense. He’ll be feeding Conrad advice through an earpiece. He asks Nolan to help him with a little technical sabotage so he can play the recording of Conrad’s chat with Nate Ryan during the event. Jack also plants a question in the crowd that forces Conrad into saying he will look to get a presidential pardon for David Clarke if it is warranted. Jack’s plan works to perfection.

Victoria receives a vase filled with black roses. There are 11 total. One is missing. The card reads, “I’ll be wearing the 12th rose, Your Loving Son.” Victoria confesses to Conrad that her mother’s boyfriend got her pregnant. She gave away the baby to a nun named Sister Rebecca though she leads her husband to believe the pregnancy was terminated. When the masquerade ball begins, Victoria scans the crowd looking for someone wearing a black rose. Her search is interrupted when Sloan shows her a photo of Daniel and Emily that made it into the newspaper. The queen is not pleased. Daniel hands her back the bullets she anonymously sent him.

The Initiative may be done with Grayson Global, but Aiden isn’t finished with Mr. Trask. He forces him to take him to Padma. Aiden is too late. Padma was killed earlier in the day. Trask says that a silent alarm was tripped and the police are on their way. Aiden breaks the neck of the Initiative man killing him instantly. He heads off to the ball where he breaks the news to Nolan, who is devastated. He flees the ball but tells Emily to stay behind to finish what she started. Victoria approaches a masked man she thinks is wearing a black rose. It turns out to be Aiden. Victoria is so overcome, she faints. Looks like the party’s over.

In random news, Charlotte decks a party guest at the ball when she starts badmouthing Amanda. Declan is there to comfort her. Jack overhears Conrad berating Ashley so he feels she could be a valuable ally in his quest to take down the Graysons. She agrees to help his cause. Emily lets Aiden know that if the Falcon finds out about his father there could be big problems. A police detective lets Nolan know that Padma was only killed a day ago. Victoria pays a visit to Sister Rebecca, who says her son came looking for her years ago, but she hasn’t seen him since. Finally, Sister Rebecca receives another visitor. It’s Emily. She tells the nun she’s pregnant and has nowhere else to go.

–-Emily Thorne

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Main Cast

Guest Cast

Co-Starring Cast

  • Eric Zuckerman as Tom Mullen
  • Brandon Keener as Evan Spradlin
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  • Kate Herman as Sloane Hanover
  • Nate Gill as Rocco
  • Jamila Jones as Marta


Nolan: How long have you been here?
Emily: I am worried about you.
Nolan: After I lost Padma, I found this. She says that she is lucky that I didn't abandoned her after everything happened, she said she'll wait for me forever. She is somewhere out there waiting
Emily: Nolan
Nolan: Look I have to believe it, you know even if evey alley I run down is a dead end. And every time I try to help, with Padma, Amanda or even the White Haired man last year, I fail.
Emily: Don't forget that you saved Jack's life
-- Nolan recieves a text message (text message from Jack: Back in town. Need to see you)
Nolan: Oh wow Start your revengines!, that's him right on (...). Look I know he's getting in deep with the Graysons, what do you two got (...)?
Emily: I have nothing to do with it. Jack still won't let me in

Nolan: Jack?
Jack: Right here.
Nolan: (...)

Victoria: Conrad is at the Stoway, shouldn't you be there as well.
Ashley: Yes but these are his VPs, came to campaign's headquarters I thought you'll appreciate it if I dropped them off.
Victoria: Oh the lovely people who have brought there way in.
Ashley: And apparently one how has been waiting 40 years for a owner. In addition to the charming message it's post marked 1973. So either someone is having (...)

Ashley: Tap your inner Clinton!

Victoria (to Emily): An intrusion is gracing my foyer unannounced. I don’t have a word for what this is.

Ashley: We are ripe for an October surprise.

Victoria (to Emily): It may be Halloween, but certain ghosts are best left outside.

Trask: We don’t threaten in two dimensions. We act in three.

Ashley: Conrad, wear a tie. People want to be able to relate to you, not actually think they’re related to you.

Conrad (to Victoria): And here I thought I knew all the skeletons in your closet by name.

Daniel (hands Victoria some golden bullets): Feel free to use one for each of your two faces.

Nolan: Can’t have champagne wishes without caviar dreams.

Sister: I kept those promises, Victoria. Even when he came for you those years ago, and he hasn’t come again.
Victoria: When you saw him, did he seem happy?
Sister: He was a young man looking for his mother, which his a quest of hope. So take from that what you will.


Last.fm_play.png "For the Land" – Current Swell
Last.fm_play.png "Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: Dies irae (Sequenz)" – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Last.fm_play.png "Squirters Anon" – Paradise Passage
Last.fm_play.png "Requiem in D Minor, K. 626: III. Sequentia: I. Dies Irae" – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Last.fm_play.png "Apple Core" – Elliot Lawrence
Last.fm_play.png "But Not For Me" – Elliot Lawrence




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  • Emily Holds Up Her Mask
  • Victoria Holds Up Her Mask
  • Victoria Looks Serious
  • Victoria Looks Serious
  • Emily Smiles at Victoria
  • Victoria Talks to Emily
  • Victoria and Conrad Wear Masks
  • Victoria and Conrad Host a Party
  • Victoria and Conrad Address Their Guests
  • The Graysons' Halloween Party
  • Emily Smiles Behind Her Mask
  • Emily Hides
  • Emily Smiles
  • Emily Talks to Nolan
  • Nolan Talks to Emily, Jack, and Declan
  • Emily Talks to Jack
  • Emily and Jack Are Dressed
  • Jack Sits Alone
  • Daniel Kisses Emily's Hand
  • Emily and Daniel Dance
  • Emily and Daniel Slow Dance
  • Aiden Looks Dapper
  • Aiden Wears a Mask
  • Emily and Daniel Look Serious
  • Emily and Daniel Talk to Aiden
  • Aiden Talks to Emily and Daniel
  • Emily Looks Annoyed With Aiden
  • Emily and Daniel Talk
  • Conrad talks to Tom
  • Ashley and Jack smile
  • Ashley And Evan Clap At Conrad
  • Ashley Gives a Look
  • Evan Watches
  • Ashley Smiles
  • Conrad And Ashley Talk
  • Conrad Claps
  • Jack Looks Normal
  • Conrad Looks Concerned
  • Conrad Looks at Jack
  • Jack Looks Out the Window
  • Jack Looks Upon
  • Ashley Looks Concerned
  • Conrad Talks to Somebody
  • Jack Looks Calm
  • Evan Watches Tom
  • Ashley Smiles
  • Ashley and Evan Look on


  • This episode will feature a flash-forward, six weeks thereafter.
  • After this episode aired, there was a 3 week hiatus.
  • Trask dies in the episode, as well as Padma (it is revealed he killed her).
  • Jack and Ashley make an secret alliance.
  • The Grayson's had to cancel the masquerade last year because of Daniel's murder trial.


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