Mason Treadwell's Unpublished Memoir Reading
Event Information

Grayson Manor


Summer 2011



Previous Event

Daniel's Birthday (at the beach)

Next Event

Engagement party

This was a reading of the unpublished memories of Mason Treadwell at the Grayson Manor. He had entrevisted Amanda by petition of Victoria to averiguate what she remebered from her past. Amanda asked him to tell the truth in the reading for everything that he had done. He planned to do it an told it to Victoria and she threated him. At the last moment Mason decided to stay in Victoria's side and he said nothing. After that Emily decided to take him down by burning his house and his original and only copy of his memories. Ashley told Emily that after the change in Daniel's trust law from Conrad the only way he can get his money before he turns 30 is by getting married.



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