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Margaux LeMarchal
Portrayed by Karine Vanasse
Biographical Information
Born: 1987[1] Paris, France
Status: Alive
Residence: Montauk, New York, U.S. (formally)

Southampton, New York, U.S.

Occupation: Magazine Director
Organization: Voulez
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Significant Others: Daniel Grayson (ex-boyfriend, lover)
Jack Porter (ex-boyfriend)
Parents: Pascal LeMarchal † (father)
Siblings: Gideon LeMarchal (paternal half-brother)
unnamed paternal half-brother
Character Information
First appearance: Fear
Latest appearance: Meteor
Appearance Count: 23
Sometimes it needs crossing an ocean to get out of a father's shadow.
— Margaux, Fear

Margaux LeMarchal is an old flame of Daniel's who appears in season 3.


Margaux is the daughter of Pascal LeMarchal, owner of the magazine Voulez in France. She has traveled to the U.S. to create the American version of the magazine, and to avoid her father.

Season 3Edit

3x01 Margaux

Margaux in the Memorial Day Party

In "Fear" she finds Daniel Grayson at a bar, the day before the Memorial Day Party. She told him that she would go to Emily's party, then Daniel explains that Emily is his fiancée. At the party Daniel introduces Emily and Margaux to each other. Emily seems to know who her father and his magazine are. At that point Margaux explains that she has come to the States to create the American version of Voulez magazine.

Sin Marg

Margaux "offers" Daniel a job

In "Sin" Margaux offered Daniel a job at Voulez magazine, but the position was in the city, which his family didn't like. Margaux tries to seduce Daniel, but he refuses. Daniel eventually accepts the job on the condition that the Headquarters move to South Hampton, so he can be closer to home.

3x03 Margaux

Margaux in Nolan's Housewarming Bash

In "Confession" Margaux wants Nolan Ross to appear on the cover of her magazine, but Daniel doesn't. She used Jack Porter, who had an invitation to Nolan's Housewarming Bash, to ask Nolan about the cover. Margaux began to get closer to Jack, but angrier toward Daniel for their differences in opinion.

3x05 Margaux

Margaux angry with her father

In "Control" the launching day of Voulez arrived. Margaux invited Jack, who didn't come because of Aiden's threat. Then Jack gave her the excuse that there was an intruder and they kissed. During the launching she was expecting the visit of her father but instead of coming he gave her back her first installment full of corrections.

During "Dissolution" Margaux was in L.A.

3x07 Margaux

Margaux with Jack

In "Resurgence" Margaux received an offer from Conrad to do a advertisement about him in the magazine, but she denied. However, when she heard that he was planning to write his memories, she offered him the chance to do it with LeMarchal. Her relationship with Jack stopped as he was still feeling something for his late wife, but they went all the way after the July 4th Party.

Sec Margaux

Margaux waiting for Lydia

In "Secrecy" Margaux told Jack that she had a Grayson Global employee who would reveal everything. He told her to talk with Nolan but he didn't tell her anything. Then when she was about to give up, Lydia Davis phoned her and asked her to meet.

Surr Margaux

Margaux learns the truth

In "Surrender" Margaux used Lydia to discover the truth about Conrad. She called all the people that were implicated in the David Clarke trial, but she got nothing. Aiden anonymously called her, to tell her that Conrad had seen Lydia, then she told Margaux that their pact was over. She also recieved Nolan's visit telling her that Jack knew more than he was saying. Margaux questioned Jack about Nolan's remark, so Jack finally revealed the truth to Margaux about Conrad and how dangerous he could be if she continued to dig for more information. Upon learning this, Margaux told Jack that she would stop, which in part was because she cared for him.

Ex Margaux

Margaux with the photos of the Wedding

In "Exodus" Margaux attended the wedding, but she was taking photos for the magazine. Then at Grayson Manor she organized a photo session. Then she went to the yacht and with the Graysons, discovered the blood on the deck.

3x11 Margaux

Margaux tells Victoria that Lydia is missing in the photos

In "Homecoming" Margaux gave the photos from the wedding, but she kept the ones from the moment of the shooting. Jack visited her and noticed that Lydia was missing in the photos. Victoria visited Margaux asking for help, thinking that Conrad was framing her, but she told her that Lydia wasn't in the photos.

3x12 Margaux

Margaux angry with Jack

In "Endurance" Margaux planned to write a neutral article about Emily's shooting but Daniel insited that she write that Lydia shot her. Jack told her that Daniel shot Emily and was trying to cover it up and decided not to talk about Lydia. But Emily made an anouncement to the press, saying that Lydia shot her and made her lose the exclusive and became angry with Jack.

3x13 Margaux

Margaux fires Daniel

In "Hatred" Margaux was walking with Jack when she saw the new installement but the content wasn't the one that she wrote. At the office Daniel was angry too and she recieved a letter from Conrad as he was suing them for libel. Margaux had to fire Daniel to stop Conrad from suing. Then Jack told her that they could buy a house for them.

3x14 Margaux

Margaux thinking about Conrad

In "Payback" Margaux helped Jack to find a new house and he found the one. He saw that Conrad made a reunion without her and when she arrived he mentioned her father. That made her suspicious and she asked Daniel about it. He told her that Pascal and Conrad were old friends, so she decided to leave to Paris to talk with her father.

In "Disgrace"

In "Addiction"

In "Blood"

In "Allegiance"

In "Revolution"

In "Impetus"

In "Execution"

Season 4Edit

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Season 3Edit

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  1. Blood

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