Unborn Margaux's baby
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Loss
Cause of Death: Miscarriage via Margaux being hit by a taxi
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Parents: Daniel Grayson † (father)
Margaux LeMarchal (mother)
Relatives: Conrad Grayson † (paternal grandfather)
Victoria Grayson † (paternal grandmother)
Pascal LeMarchal † (maternal grandfather)
Edward Grayson † (paternal great-grandfather, via Conrad)
Marion Harper † (paternal great grandmother, via Victoria)
Maxwell † (paternal great grandfather, via Victoria)
Charlotte Clarke (paternal half-aunt)
Patrick Osbourne (paternal half-uncle)
Gideon LeMarchal (maternal half-uncle)
unnamed maternal half-uncle
Unborn Paternal Cousin
Character Information

Margaux's Unborn Child was the child of Daniel Grayson and Margaux LeMarchal. Margaux first told Daniel she was pregnant in Intel.


Season 4Edit

In "Intel", Daniel went to see Margaux and begged her for a second chance. He told her he loved her, and Margaux said she had too much on her plate and she couldn't deal with him. After Daniel demanded that she give him an explanation she blurted out that it was because she's pregnant.

In "Atonement", Daniel was on his way to see Margaux when he heard noises coming from within Grayson Manor. He saw Emily Thorne injured and went to help her. He was shot and killed by Kate Taylor. As Daniel died, Margaux was getting ready for bed, blissfully unaware of Daniel's death.

In "Loss", Margaux and Victoria saw the baby in a sonogram. Victoria had set up a nursery for the baby, and they both vowed to help each other out. Margaux was hit by a taxi while being distracted after an argument with Emily. Margaux loses the baby it was revealed to be a boy his mother said Daniel's gone meaning the baby was going to be named after his father to honour him, which ends the Grayson family lineage, but reignites a new fued between Emily and Victoria because Margaux says Emily pushed her.

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