Karrie Thurgood
Portrayed by Christina Chang
Status: Alive
Residence: The Hamptons
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Children: Unamed Baby
First appearance: Pilot
Latest appearance: Intuition
Appearance Count: 2
Karrie Thurgood is one of the Hamponites seen attending Victoria Grayson's tea meetings and parties.


Season OneEdit

1x01 Karrie

Karrie in Victoria's house

In "Pilot" Karrie attended to Victoria's organitzation party. There she told Lydia that she and her husband were a perfect couple. She then attended to the Memorial Day party and surprised to see Conrad fine.

She is later seen pregnant and attending the baby shower Victoria Grayson threw for Amanda Clarke. ("Intuition")


As seen in Pilot Victoria saw her as a blab

Events That Has AttendedEdit

Season 1Edit


Season 1Edit

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