John McGowen
Portrayed by Michael Reilly Burke
Reckoning 13
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Reckoning
Cause of Death: Plane explosion
caused by Gordon Murphy
Residence: New York, NY
Occupation: Agent
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Relatives: unknown
Character Information
First appearance: Absolution
Latest appearance: Reckoning
Appearance Count: 3
Agent John McGowen is a federal agent at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. He appears in season 1 and investigates Conrad for financial crimes.

We first see of John McGowen in Chaos when Victoria Grayson pulls out his business card from her desk after she has an argument with Conrad.

Later, after she had cashed out her shares from Grayson Global, she finally calls him after apparently six months of having his business card. They meet and, in exchange for her contributions to the case, she wants full immunity from arrest. At first, he is reluctant to give it, but Victoria teases that if he won't, she would just go directly to his superiors at the SEC, to the director of the FBI, the CIA, or any other agency who would like to lay claim to the conviction of a domestic terrorist, which surprises him since he initially thought the information was about Conrad Grayson's corporate malfeasance. He then becomes in charge of investigating Conrad Grayson. ("Absolution")

Boarded on the plane that was supposed to bring him, the witnesses, Victoria and Lydia Davis, and the evidence against Conrad, to Washington, D.C. He and the others, except Victoria (who was tipped to get off the plane) and Lydia, is killed by the bomb planted by Gordon Murphy. ("Reckoning")


Season 1


  • With Lydia's return in Secrecy John McGowen is the only character, whose name is known, that died in the plane crash.