Jaime Cardaci
Portrayed by Rachel DiPillo
Jaime C
Occupation: Student
First appearance: Grief
Latest appearance: Reckoning
Appearance Count: 2

Jaime Cardaci is a senior student at Collins Prep originally from Yonkers, New York.

Jaime and Declan were classmates for their Economics class and were partners for a presentation. When they went to the Stowaway to work on their project, they drop it temporarily to look for Sammy. Because of the weather, they stop looking and take a break at the tavern. As she has gotten wet in the snow, Declan lends her his shirt and Charlotte Grayson walks in on them and gets the wrong impression.

Their next encounter is at their school where Charlotte offers them advice regarding their troubled professor. Unbeknownst to them, Charlotte was already scheming for their downfall and, after getting her investigated, reveals to the whole school her past as a homewrecker, back when she had a relationship with the History teacher, an older, married man, at her last school, St. James Academy. Eventually, their illegal relationship was brought to court, most likely by either of their families, and proof of their relationship were supposed to be hidden since she was a minor.

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