Jack and Declan
Jack Declan
General Information
First Met: Pre-Pilot
Status: Half-Brothers, Love each other Jack tried to kill Conrad for Declan's death
Relation: Family

Jack and Declan were paternal half-brothers. They've always had a good relationship, they've always helped each other even when Declan had to break up with Charlotte to protect Jack. They have always thought that they were full brothers until after Declan's death, Jack discovered that his biological mother was Stevie Grayson, making those two half-brothers.


Season 1Edit

Jack Declan 101

Jack and Delcan at the bar

In "Pilot", Declan and Jack prepeared everything for Jack's travel to Haiti which meant that Declan would have to have a larger part in the Stowaway, so Jack began teaching the things he would have to do, like using the credit card terminal.

Jack Declan 102

Declan conftronted Jack

In "Trust", Declan asked Jack if he could borrow The Amanda and he agreed. But when Declan planned to go on a sail with Charlotte he discovered that the boat was missing and confronted Jack. Jack told him that he had selled the boat because their father was broke.

Season 2Edit

In "Truth, Part 2", Declan dies and leaves Jack a message, saying that he knows Jack will be a great father because Jack has been one to him as well. After learning that Declan has died, Jack snaps completely and tries to kill Conrad. He is only stopped when Emily tells him that she is Amanda Clarke.

Season 4Edit

In the series finale, Jack says that Declan inspired him to be the best man he can be.



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