Infinity Box2

My father warned me not to trust the wrong people. Trust can be your worst enemy or your best strength. Earn their trust and infiltrate from the inside. But never forget why I've returned: to avenge my father's death. Failure is not an option and any vulnerability I allow myself to feel will only distract me and possibly lead to my destruction. I'm stronger than that, disciplined after years of training. No room for sentimentality.
— Emily
Infinity Box
The Infinity Box is a box of memories left for Emily by her father, David Clarke. After David's death it was given to Nolan Ross to pass to Emily.

In Truth, Part 1 we learn that Emily is not the only character with something like an Infinity Box.

In Sin Emily confides the box to Nolan in order to protect it from Daniel

In Endurance Victoria opens the box after Patrick steals it for her. The box Patrick stole was however a duplicate with only controlled amount of the real contents.

Nolan gives Emily a new Infinity Box in Struggle. The new box is made of metal and has a fingerprint lock only openable by Emily.

Known Contents


Nolan: It's a little late to put that genie back in the infinity box.