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EMILY THORNE (voice-over):If we choose to, we can live in a world of comforting illusions. We can allow ourselves to be deceived by false realities. Or we can use them to hide our true intentions.


(Conrad and Daniel are making there suits for the wedding tailored)

Aiden: Hi.
Conrad: Ohh Mr. Mathis. How is the waning of my company going? Is Daniel providing you with everything you need?
Daniel: I say we are about half way there.
Aiden: If things continue on track I’ll be sending Mr.Takeda my recommendations by the end of next week.
Conrad: Good.
Aiden: Are condolences or congratulations in order?
Daniel: Both. My mother and father are remarrying this weekend.
Conrad: If you are not busy we would love to have you join us.
Aiden: I’ll be honoured. May I bring a date?
Conrad: By all means. All set? Nice work. Thanks Jim.

(The tailor, Ashley and Conrad leave the room, left behind are Daniel and Aiden)

Aiden: So, (…)
Daniel: (…) it’s only the matter of time before the world learns he is unfit to lead.


Emily: Here is the list of all the reconstructions surgeons that you consulted with. Ultimately Dr.Spencer is the one that removed the scarves. You recovered at the Plaza Hotel.
Amanda: September 19, 2007.
Emily: 2006. Amanda you need to know theses details. Mason is going to try and confuse you with all his questions.
Amanda: How am I supposed to tell him how I did to pay all this?
Emily: A generous patron from the club. I have done specifics about him too though hopefully you won’t have to go there.
Amanda: What if he doesn’t buy it? What if he starts to search deeper.
Emily: He won’t. By the end of this weekend, my burn scars will be yesterday’s news. And Mason’s attention will be focused on the next trail I am sending him back.
Amanda: And where will that lead?
Emily: Back to the Graysons.


(Victoria is in her bedroom, in front of the mirror she is looking at a picture of David in prison, with Gordon Murphy in the background)

Kara: You are a very lucky women.
Victoria: Kara, I see you made yourself at home.
Kara: I am trying. But it’s easy to get lost in here. Second chance of love, doesn’t happen very often. But a third and a forth, you must cast quite a spell.
Victoria: I hope you are coming to the wedding.
Kara: I am gonna spend the weekend with my daughter and grandson.
Victoria: How are they?
Kara: Well.
Victoria: Good.
Kara: Considering all that they been through (…)

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