Head CEO of Grayson Global Party
Event Information

Grayson Global


Summer 2012



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Baby Carl's Baptism

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The Liberty Project's gala

When Padma asked for David Clarke's contract in Grayson Global Aiden discovered that Nolcorp was raised with David's money, with Grayson Global's money so they could take over Nolcorp and make Daniel the CEO of Grayson Global. Aiden wanted it because he wanted to be a Board of Directors Member to have control of the company. Since then Aiden and Daniel worked in convincing every investor that if they name Daniel the CEO he could take over Nolcorp and they will triplicate their benefits. Daniel even blackmailed one of the bigger investors, Salvador Grobet, when he found him having an affair with Ashley, and with Salvador's vote he had the position secured. So the day of the vote arrived and Daniel was the favourite and when Victoria discovered that Salvador had change his mind she and Conrad told that he was in danger to Daniel but he didn't believe them. At the end of the vote, with Daniel as the new CEO, he announced Aiden that there were no place for him in the Board of Directors.





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