Grayson Global's Investors Meeting
Event Information

Grayson Manor


Summer 2012



Previous Event

Wedding of Conrad and Victoria

Next Event

Skeet Shooting Event

Daniel wanted to use it to overthrown his father as the CEO of Grayson Global. Conrad introduced Helen to Victoria as "one of our biggest investors" but they all knew that she was on the Initiative. Meanwhile Daniel and Aiden were preparing their coup as Aiden gave Daniel the check from David Clarke to Nolan Ross that helped him create NolCorp. While Conrad was beginning his speech, Daniel and Aiden took away the higher investors and Ashley was entertaining Conrad. In the clandestine meeting Daniel explained the investors that Grayson Global had a majority part of NolCorp and asked them to count on their votes to overthrown his father. Then Kara appeared asking for revenge for the death of her two husbands. Kara discovered what her second husband did to her first and Aiden left her unconscious.



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