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Engagement party
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Grayson Manor


Labour Day Weekend 2011


Pilot (flash-forward)
Scandal (flashback)

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Also known as the Fire and Ice Party. This was the engagement party of Daniel Grayson and Emily Thorne celebrated on the Labor Day weekend. Emily and Daniel argued in the beach because Daniel wanted to leave the Grayson surname and Emily didn't want to. Emily returned to the party and Daniel stayed in the beach. Then Tyler Barrol with a gun and a photography of the Grayson Global's executive retreat in 1992, from the Infinity Box. He told everything about Emily. Then Daniel get the gun and shot Tyler once. Then Satoshi Takeda left Daniel unconscious with a stone. Then he killed Tyler. Jack after hearing the gunshot run to the beach where he found Amanda with the corpse of Tyler. He told her to leave and carry Tyler body. Back to the party, Victoria announced that she accept Emily in his family. She asked her where was Daniel. Then Declan and Charlotte, after leaving the party, came in to the beach. When Daniel's phone ringed on Tyler's jacket they found the corpse and Jack, but they didn't reconize him. Charlotte called for her parents to go to the beach, thinking that the corpse was Daniel. When everybody was there, they found out that it was Tyler. Then Daniel appeared with blood in his jacket.


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