Emily and Jack
Union 9
General Information
First Met: Treachery
Intimacy Level: In love
Status: Married (in Union), Amanda died in Sacrifice
Relation: Love each other

Emily and Jack were in love and married, before her death.


Season 1Edit

Jack met Emily when he was looking for Nolan at his house in "Treachery". She swam in the pool, having been left there by Amanda. Their first interaction was when Amanda, still in the pool asked Jack if he was "enjoying the view", to which he responded with a nervous "no". They bond over drinks afterward when Emily walks in on them. Amanda later went with Jack on a boatride and told him that she was the same girl he had played with when they were kids. After this, they started dating.

In "Reckoning", Emily came back to the Hamptons with a big surprise for Jack: she was pregnant but unsure if the baby was actually his.

Season 2Edit

It is in the fifth episode of season two, "Illusion", that Jack proposed to Emily. After the reopening of his bar, he invited his baby mama, Emily, onto his boat, appropriately named "The Amanda". With a glass of champagne and some Christmas lights to set the mood, Jack reminisced on fond childhood memories while Amanda clutched baby Carl.David.They got married on the beach with their closest family and friends but on their honeymoon Amanda was killed in a propane explosion caused by Nate Ryan.

Significant eventsEdit

Jack's proposal to AmandaEdit

Baby Carl's baptismEdit

The WeddingEdit

Last moments togetherEdit


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