This is a list of all the takedowns performed by Emily Thorne in her path of Revenge.

Season 1Edit

Lydia DavisEdit

Lydia Davis
Portrayed by Amber Valletta
Lydia Face
Takedown Episode: Pilot
Reason of the Takedown: Testified against David Clarke in his trial
Status: Alive
Occupation: Former David Clarke's Secretary

For her first takedown, Emily used Conrad's infidelity with Lydia. Emily saw Conrad and Lydia enter in the South Fork Inn. She disguised as a waitress of the hotel and poisoned Conrad's soup. Then he had a gastric dyspepsia and was taken to the hospital. In the ambulance Emily appeared and asked for Conrad pretending not to known that he was Conrad Grayson and refering him as Lydia's husband. At the Hospital Victoria discovered that Conrad had been at the South Fork Inn. Then at the Memorial Day party Victoria saw that Emily and Lydia knew each other and asked where they met. Lydia said that they met briefly at the beach and Emily said that they also met at the South Fork Inn and asked if her husband was better. Victoria discovered about Conrad and Lydia's meeting. During her speech, Victoria gave Lydia the painting that she and her husband gave to her. Meaning that their friendship was over. She announced that her house sold and kicked her out of the boat.

  • Emily disguised
  • Conrad collapses
  • Emily "finds" Lydia
  • Emily release that Lydia was in the South Fork Inn
  • Lydia is kicked out
  • Lydia is over

Bill HarmonEdit

Bill Harmon
Portrayed by Matthew Glaves
Bill Face
Takedown Episode: Trust
Reason of the Takedown: Testified against David Clarke in his trial
Status: Alive
Occupation: Hedge Fund Manager

For this takedown Emily used Bill's desire for money. Emily entered in Bill enterprise with the excuse of wanting to invest. He showed her the benefits of his top clients. They met again and Emily accepted to invest with him, and asked him to have actions of AllCom because somebody told her something. Then the news said that it was possible that AllCom and Nolcorp could sign a contract, and Emily told him that she trusted her source and that she wanted to double her invest which makes Bill inves everything in AllCom. Nolan made an announcement and said that that rumor was fake and that he was going with the competence. Bill told everybody to shut up or it would be it's end. Meanwhile Emily begin calling the top clients, which she get by entering in Bill's computer using his password and and told them what happened.

  • Emily and Bill meet
  • Emily in Bill's office
  • Bill decides to go all with AllCom
  • Nolan announcement
  • AllCom actions fall off
  • Emily steals the list
  • Emily calls the investors
  • Bill is over

Tom KingsleyEdit

Tom Kingsley
Portrayed by Yancey Arias
Tom Face
Takedown Episode: Betrayal
Reason of the Takedown: He was the prosecutor in David Clarke's trial, Conrad bribed him and used the trial to propel his political career.
Status: Alive
Occupation: Former Senator

For this takedown Emily used the pregnacy of Tom's misstress. When Emily and Tom met in the Grayson manor, Emily saw his tablet and an idea came to her. With the help of Nolan, Emily sent a video of him entering his mistresses building, then during his speech during the Upscale barbecue honoring Senator Kingsley, Nolan sent him a message telling him to look at the woman in the red dress and it appears Tom's lover is pregnant. Tom announced that he won't be seeking reelection because if the story got out about his infidelity it would destroy his career and marriage. After the party Emily sent a sextape of Tom and his lover to the press. When they searched the IP of the computer that sent the emails they discovered that were sent from Conrad's computer.

  • Emily finds Tom, and his tablet, in the Grayson Manor
  • Tom recieves the first message
  • Tom's sextape
  • Tom recieves the message...
  • ...Appears the lover...
  • ...And Emily smiles
  • Tom retires

Michelle BanksEdit

Michelle Banks
Portrayed by Amy Landecker
Michelle Face
Takedown Episode: Duplicity
Reason of the Takedown: She institutionalized and kept away Emily from her father after Victoria gave her a private clinic.
Status: Alive
Occupation: Psychiatrist

For this takedown Emily used the tapes from Michelle when she recorded her patitents. Emily began to see Dr. Michelle Banks a year before she take her down. She told her that her parents died in a car accident. She made Michelle believe that she was so insecure for the "death of her parents" and  saw the she recorded every sesion with every patient. Then in the Annual High Tea Charity Event Ashley could not find the DVD of Michelle's presentation, "luckily" Emily appeared and "found it". The presentation began but it changed with a video of Michelle's patients, including Emily and Victoria who said they she would prefer haven't had the second child. And the event finished with Victoria threatening Michelle, saying that she would destroy her. Then Emily kidnapped Michelle and locked her in a crate to traumatize her.

  • Emily in Michelle's clinic
  • Emily's tape
  • Emily's new target
  • Emily "finds" the DVD
  • Victoria's sesion in the presentation
  • Victoria threat Michelle
  • Michelle is locked up

Frank StevensEdit

Frank Stevens
Portrayed by Max Martini
Frank Face
Takedown Episode: Guilt to Charade
Reason of the Takedown: He was ordered to obtain information about Emily Thorne, and continued his task even after his dismissal
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Charade
Occupation: Former Head of Security of the Graysons

When Emily began dating Daniel, Victoria asked Frank to get information about Emily Thorne. After Lydia Davis threatened Emily, she made Victoria believe that Lydia was behind the takedowns of Bill, Tom and Michelle. So Frank went to her appartment to investigate and discovered that she was planning to expose the whole David Clarke conspiracy at the Open Arms Gala. He waited until Lydia returned and confronted her about the supposed takedowns and her attempt at exposing the conspiracy, Frank then attacked her and it ended with Lydia falling off the roof of her appartment and onto a Taxi. Everything was recorded by Nolan's whale cam and Nolan then sent the video to Conrad who fired Frank. But when Frank discovered that it was Nolan who sent the video he threated Nolan and then broke into Emily's beach house thinking that she worked with Nolan. Later on Frank discovered that Emily was in Allenwood and found out that she swapped identities with the woman now called "Amanda Clarke". Frank then went to the club were Amanda works as a stripper and threatened to expose her and Emily, Amanda told Frank that she would tell him everything after her shift finished then proceeded to kill him.

  • Frank and Lydia in Lydia's attic
  • Frak threating Nolan
  • Frank in Emily's house
  • Frank discovering the truth
  • Frank talking with Amanda
  • Amanda killing Frank
  • Frank's corpse

Tyler BarrolEdit

Tyler Barrol
Portrayed by Ashton Holmes
Tyler Barrol
Takedown Episode: Loyalty to Duress
Reason of the Takedown: He was a threat for Daniel and Emily's relationship
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Chaos

Since Tyler arrived he was constantly trying to break up Daniel and Emily's relationship. Daniel after knowing that Nolan invest in Grayson Global because Tyler blackmailed him, asked his father to fire Tyler, but Tyler blackmail Conrad with a tape of him and Victoria talking about the incrimination of David Clarke. When Emily went to the pool house to get back Nolan's tapes she discovered that Tyler was in medication, and with the name of Michelle Banks asked Tyler's Doctor about the pills, and discovered that Tyler was being sought by police, and take away his pills seing for the first time the real Tyler, a mad and dangerous men. Nolan called Tyler's brother and made him come to take Tyler. Emily told about the pills to Ashley and Daniel who told Tyler to leave. Tyler tied Nolan and went to Daniel's Birthday Party. He took Emily's gun asking her to give Nolan's cam back, and Emily put Frank's walle in Tyler's jacket. Then they went to the party and Tyler pointed everybody in the party. He threat Conrad with telling the truth of David Clarke or he would kill somebody, and he pointed at Emily's head. Then Tyler's brother and Nolan arrived and Daniel left Tyler unconscious. Then police arrived and took Tyler and became the first suspect in Frank's murder, Nolan told Emily that police didn't find any bullet in the gun and Emily smiled.

  • Emily finds Tyler's pills
  • Tyler's madness
  • Emily tells Daniel and Ashley about the pills
  • Tyler threat Nolan
  • Tyler points at Emily
  • The police take out Tyler
  • Emily smiling

Mason TreadwellEdit

Mason Tredwell
Portrayed by Roger Bart
Mason Face
Takedown Episode: Infamy
Reason of the Takedown: Lied about David Clarke after Victoria bribed him
Status: Alive
Occupation: Writer

During the presentation of his book, Emily introduced herself and Nolan to Mason, even Mason already knew who was Nolan. Nolan said that he was looking for a biographer, and Mason invited him to his house. There he showed Emily and Nolan the only exemplar of his biography. He also showed them the tapes from his intrerviews with David Clarke. Victora asked Mason to get information about Amanda Clarke, and he interviewed her but she was wearing a reciever from which Emily was blowing her the answers. Then Emily and Amanda asked Mason why he didn't published a thing of what they talk long ago, and asked him to reveal everything during the reading of his book. Mason was ready to tell the truth but Victoria blackmailed him and he decided not to tell a thing. Emily asked Nolan to take Mason away from his home so she could break into Mason house, get the tapes, and burn his biography. By the time Mason retruned home, his full house was on fire.

  • Victoria, Nolan and Emily in Mason's presentation
  • Victoria asks Mason to get information about Amanda
  • Nolan, Emily and Mason in his house
  • Amanda asks Mason to tell the truth
  • Nolan takes Mason out
  • Emily steals the tapes...
  • ...And burned Mason's biography
  • Mason finds his house burned
  • Mason is over

Season 2Edit

Robert BarnesEdit

Robert Barnes
Portrayed by Geoff Pierson
Robert Face
Takedown Episode: Power
Reason of the Takedown: He was the judge in David Clarke's trial. Bribed by Conrad
Status: Alive
Occupation: Judge

For this takedown Emily used the abuse of Robert's wife. A letter was sent to David Clarke after his trial saying that the judge failed him. As it was not signed, David thought that it was sent by James Palmer, the courtroom clerk who died three days after the letter was sent in a metro accident. First Emily thought that to takedown Barnes she would need to make him remember James Palmer. And when she mentioned him in the dinner she discovered that Patricia was hidding something.She discovered that she was a friend of Palme and she began to think that the letter was sent by her. Then Emily spoke privately with Patricia, and she revealed that she sent the letter and Emily gave Patricia the courage to tell everybody the truth about Robert; that he hit her and to read the letter.

  • Aiden reading the letter
  • Emily meets Robert and Patricia
  • The Dinner
  • Amanda and Emily investigating
  • Patricia reveals the truth
  • Patricia reveals the abuse
  • Robert is over

Meredith HaywardEdit

Meredith Hayward
Portrayed by Dendrie Taylor
Meredith Face
Takedown Episode: Victory
Reason of the Takedown: She locked Emily and Eli in a cage in the foster home. She also took Emily's letters from his father
Status: Alive
Occupation: Foster mother

For this takedown Emily used the help from her foster brother, Eli James. Eli asked Victoria to help Meredith economically Eli showed Emily one of the letters that Meredith took from Emily which made her angry. They went to see her and when Emily and Eli split up Eli told Meredith that he would take the 60% of her gain. Meanwhile Emily saw the cage were Meredith used to lock her in. During the press conferece where Victoria had to give the first check to Meredith, Eli told the truth to everybody, and he invited another children who were also with Meredith. And then Meredith revealed that Eli was the one that caused the fire that destroyed her house and let Amanda take all the blame. Then Eli threatened Meredith to give him Amanda's letters but she told him that she sold them. Emily discovered that Mason Treadwell was the one who bought them but they were destroyed when Emily burned his house. Mason told Emily that in one letter David said that Victoria had another son.

  • Eli talks Victoria about Meredith
  • Eli and Emily decide to takedown Meredith
  • Eli and Emily in Meredith's foster home
  • Emily in Meredith's cage
  • Victoria accepts to help Meredith
  • Eli tells the truth
  • Meredith is over

Edith LeeEdit

Edith Lee
Portrayed by Susan Park
9 Edith Lee
Takedown Episode: Identity
Reason of the Takedown: Worked for the Graysons and then to the Initiative as a hacker.
Status: Alive
Occupation: Hacker

For this takedown Emily used Nolan's knowledge to contact with her. Emily discovered that all of the Grayson's money were in the Amanda Clarke Foundation's account and with Nolan they used Carrion to bankrupt them. But in the process they found a program by Fa1c0n that denied their access. Then when Nolan tracked Padma's cell phone he finds Fa1c0n's signature. Nolan and Emily decided to takedown Fa1c0n, so Nolan sent an email to Victoria to telling her that Fa1c0n had been a bungler with the documents of her abortion, Victoria talked with Fa1c0n and Fa1c0n revised the document but Nolan made a change and added an invitation to meet with her. Nolan and Edith played Street Fighter and when Nolan won Edith had no other choice than to erase everything about Nolan's private life. During the meeting Emily took photos of Edith and sent them to the FBI who took her to jail.

  • Victoria recieves Nolan's message
  • Nolan's invitation
  • Edith's answer
  • Edith and Nolan's meeting
  • Emily taking photos of Fa1c0n
  • Fa1c0n exposed
  • Edith is arrested
  • Edith is over

Americon InitiativeEdit

Americon Initiative
Takedown Episode: Between Seasons 2 and 3
Reason of the Takedown: Orchestrated the bombings of Flight 197 and Grayson Global

Coerced the Graysons into framing David Clarke and Nolan Ross for the respective disasters

Occupation: Terrorist organization

This takedown was the result of Nolan installing a failsafe in his Carrion software before giving it to Padma to be be surrendered to the Initiative. The Falcon then used the program to trick Aiden into blacking out New York City, which implicated himself and then Nolan in the bombings. However, this activated Nolan's built-in backup program in the software which exposed the identities of the Initiative's remaining members and their role in the bombing. This resulted in the Initiative's members being arrested and the organisation being disbanded, exhonerating Nolan. Conrad's exemption from this was either due to him being a late addition to the group, or a conscious decision from Nolan to leave him unscathed and not disrupt Emily's revengenda.

Season 3Edit

Ashley DavenportEdit

Ashley Davenport
Portrayed by Ashley Madekwe
Ashley Face
Takedown Episode: Fear
Reason of the Takedown: She blackmailed Emily with telling the truth about her feelings
Status: Alive
Occupation: Former Grayson Family employee as
  • Victoria's assistant
  • Grayson Family spokewoman
  • Conrad Grayson's campaign manager

For this takedown Emily used the new relationship between Dr. Jorge Valez and Ashley. Ashley told Emily that she knew which were her real feelings about Jack and that she was going to tell the Graysons, so Emily decided that it was time to takedown. During the Memorial Day Party Emily introduced Ashley and Jorge and made sure the Graysons saw them. Then when Nolan entered with a parachute to avoid the security and gave a vial of poison to Emily. She used it to poison Conrad who collapsed in the middle of his speech. Dr. Valez told Conrad that he had the Hungtington Disease. Emily stole the diagnosis from his computer and send it to the press. When the Graysons began to think who could have done it, Emily said that Jorge could have told Ashley and Ashley to the press. Then, with Victoria's help, they made Ashley return to her birth town.

  • Ashley blackmails Emily
  • Emily introduces Jorge and Ashley
  • Nolan's spectacular entrance
  • Nolan gives the vial to Emily
  • Conrad faints, poisoned by Emily
  • The diagnostic...
  • ...That Emily steals
  • Ashley Daven-deported
  • Ashley is over

Father Paul WhitleyEdit

Paul Whitley
Portrayed by James LeGros
Paul Face
Takedown Episode: Sin
Reason of the Takedown: Convinced everybody to stand against David Clarke
Status: Deceased
Episode of Death: Mercy
Occupation: Former Grayson Global's investors enciting

Former priest in St. Francis

For this takedown Emily used Father Paul's helpline. She decided to make him preside her wedding in order to meet him. She discovered that he was another men, that he changed but she didn't pull back, creating disconfort between Nolan and her. She began to take him down by calling him pretending to need help. When Father Paul arrived, she left him unconscious. Then she called a prostitute and took photos of them. Then she stole his bullet to pretend a theft. She sended the photos to Father Paul's superior. Father Paul showed Emily everything he had done and regret what she did and tried to stop the takedown but it was to late as Pastor Saunders entered to kick off Father Paul. Emily decided to repair the damage and Father Paul became an ally to make Conrad confess everything. But he and Conrad had a car accident where he was hurt badly.

  • Emily shows Nolan her new target
  • Emily and Daniel come to see Father Paul
  • Emily calls Father Paul...
  • ...And knocks him off
  • Father Paul's photos, taken when he was unconscious
  • Emily sends the photos to Pastor Saunders
  • Emily regrets what she has done, and tries to stop it...
  • ...But it is too late and Father Paul is banished from St. Francis

Bizzy PrestonEdit

Bizzy Preston
Portrayed by Ana Ortiz
13 Bizzy Preston
Takedown Episode: Resurgence
Reason of the Takedown: Publicly outed Nolan Ross

Interfered with Emily's plan to frame Victoria

Status: Alive
Occupation: PR specialist

Sara MunelloEdit

Sara Munello
Portrayed by Annabelle Stephenson
14 Sara Munello
Takedown Episode: Hatred
Reason of the Takedown: Had an affair with Daniel in order to antagonize Emily and force her out of her marriage
Status: Alive
Occupation: Cocktail waitress


For this takedown, Emily called Sara's mother Loretta Deaton and told her that Sara having an affair with Daniel. Loretta demanded that Sara stop her affair with Daniel, but Sara refused, so Loretta disowned her. Later, Sara told Daniel that she wasn't the type to break up a marriage and said good-bye to him.

Luke GilliamEdit

Luke Gilliam
Portrayed by Tim DeKay
13 Luke Gilliam
Takedown Episode: Allegiance
Reason of the Takedown: Helped Conrad frame David, when Conrad tried to frame him
Status: Alive
Occupation: CEO of eco-friendly gas company

Conrad GraysonEdit

Conrad Grayson
Portrayed by Henry Czerny
16 Conrad Grayson
Takedown Episode: Impetus
Reason of the Takedown: Organized all the framing. Planed to kill David. Had Amanda killed to silence her
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Former Governor of New York City

For this takedown, Emily had Charlotte kidnapped and showed her clips of Flight 197, while explaining that Conrad and Victoria were responsible for it. At the same time, she told Conrad that he and Victoria will hold a press conference and confess to the downing of Flight 197. Emily gave Conrad a box that contained a fake ear and a video that Nolan edited to make it look like they were beating Charlotte up. Jack let Charlotte go and she headed to Grayson manor to confront Conrad about what she had learned. Conrad exploded in anger and ranted about all if his crimes and threatened Charlotte. What Conrad didn't know was that a camera planted on Charlotte's jacket broadcast Conrad's confession to the world. The police then arrived and arrested Conrad.

Victoria GraysonEdit

Victoria Grayson
Portrayed by Madeleine Stowe
Victoria Face
Takedown Episode: Execution
Reason of the Takedown: Went along with the plan to frame David Clarke. Schemed to keep Emily and David Clarke apart forever. Killed Aiden Mathis
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Owner of Harper's Art Gallery

For this anticipated takedown, Emily was not only avenging her father, but her boyfriend Aiden who Victoria murdered as revenge for the death of her Fiancee Pascal LeMarchal. Emily shows up at Dr Michelle Banks practice enraged and intimidates Michelle into helping her, as she was an accomplice to the murder of Aiden. A short while after, Emily visits Grayson Manor and talks to Charlotte and asks if she have her father's body moved for safety sake. This method is used to lure Victoria out to the Graveyard to where she finds Emily digging up presumably her father's grave. The two have a confrontation and it ends with Emily showing Victoria she was not digging up her father's grave, but Amanda's. Straight after, she knocks out Victoria with her shovel. Hours later Victoria wakes up in a psychiatric hospital with Emily by her side, who was able to convince the hospital that Victoria was 'obsessing' over the theory that Emily was Amanda for months and that she had found Victoria digging up Amanda's grave. With the help of Michelle who wrote out fake sessions and reports to help Emily out of guilt, Victoria was officially institutionalized.

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