Edward Ross
Portrayed by Uncredited
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Occupation: Unknown
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Relatives: Carole Miller (sister/sister-in-law)
Nolan Ross (son)
Character Information
Appears in: Intuition (only mentioned; photo shown)
Appearance Count: 1

Edward Ross was the father of Nolan Ross.

Edward kicked Nolan out after being told that he wouldn't continue going to school. Despite the initial disappointment, Edward grew to become proud of Nolan and even had collections and compilations of articles on his son's success. After years of estrangement, Edward finally decided to meet with Nolan. However, the situation aggravated when Bizzy Preston publicized a claim that Nolan was gay. Edward read the press release and apparently never spoke to Nolan again.

Nolan only found out about his father's death when his new CFO, Padma, asked him about a mail he got from his father's estate attorney, saying that his belongings are being held in storage and will be auctioned off if not claimed. Nolan later gathered his father's belongings from the storage room.


  • Edward's occupation remains unknown, but judging by the clothes he wore in the photo it seems he may have worked in the military or law enforcement.

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