David Clarke
Portrayed by James Tupper
David Profile
Biographical Information
Born: July 11, 1961
Status: Dead
Episode of Death: Two Graves (flashback)
Time of Death: January 18, 2015
Cause of Death: Lymphoma
Residence: The Clarke House (formerly)
Occupation: Top-Level Executive at Grayson Global (formerly)
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Significant Others: Kara Wallace (ex-wife)
Victoria Grayson † (affair, ex-lover)
Natalie Waters (dated)
Children: Amanda Clarke (daughter with Kara)
Charlotte Clarke (daughter with Victoria) Daniel Grayson (ex son-in-law via Amanda) Jack Porter (son-in-law via Amanda) Emily Porter (foster daughter)
Relatives: Charlotte Clarke † (aunt)
Unborn grandchild (via Charlotte; miscarried)
Jack Porter (son-in-law via Amanda)
Carl David Porter (step-grandson)
Character Information
Also portrayed by: Marc Blucas (unaired pilot)
First appearance: Pilot (flashback)
Latest appearance: Two Graves
Appearance Count: 42
There must be repercussions, and I swear to you, Amanda, I will have revenge.
— David Clarke

David H. Clarke (born July 11, 1961 - January 18, 2015) was the father of Amanda Clarke, and Charlotte Clarke. The conspiracy surrounding his framing and death is what pushes Emily into the path of revenge.

He helped her from beyond the "grave" with his box of journals and photographs. He kept reappearing in Revenge in flashbacks. He was believed to have died on April 22, 2003 (not long before Amanda was released from Julie. He was stabbed during a prison riot by the Initiative assassin Gordon Murphy who Conrad reluctantly ordered the hit on order of the Initiative . David survived the stabbing and was kidnapped by Malcolm Black, who Saved David if It weren't for the kidnapping he would have died life.Malcolm threatened to kill the fake Amanda Clarke who is really Emily Thorne (who David thought was his daughter) if he didn't launder money for Malcolm. In 2014, David confronts Conrad Grayson and stabs him to death.

Season 1Edit

1x01 David

I love you infinity times infinity

In "Pilot", we saw flashbacks where David have just moved in to the beach house and tells Emily that he loves her infinity times infinity. We saw another flashback were he told to Amanda how to hold on to cold waves. We saw another, the one from the day he was arrested. That night Victoria called him and while he was talking by phone FBI agents came and took him away.
1x02 David

David buys Sam for Emily

In "Trust", we saw a flashback from Amanda's 9th birthday. There was also Bill Harmon a close friend of him. They discussed about Bill's illegalities with a contract, and that Conrad knew it. Bill told him that he knew about him and Victoria. Then at night he called Victoria to tell her that Bill knew it and he was going to tell Conrad.

In "Betrayal", a flashback Of David is seen in prison, reading a letter from Victoria. In the letter, Victoria promises to prove to Tom Kingsly that David is innocent, and that by tomorrow he will be a free man. David laments in a letter he wrote to Emily that whatever evidence Victoria gave to Kingsly didn't sway him, and he was convicted the next day. In another flashback, David and Victoria are seen in bed together. He gives her a pair of earrings, and ask her to think of him when she wears him.

Season 3Edit

In "Impetus", Conrad is recorded confessing to his involvement in Flight 197 and the case is reopened by the FBI. As a result, David's conviction is posthumously overturned, clearing him of all crimes. David is revealed to be alive in "Execution". After Conrad escapes from prison, a van pulls up alongside of him and David gets out. Conrad is shocked to see David alive, but David says nothing as he viscously stabs Conrad to death and drives away.

Season 4Edit

David clarke

In "Renaissance", little is seen from David but it is revealed that he eventually gets out of the shadow he lived in for 20 years. At the end of the episode, David appears to abduct Victoria just outside of Grayson Manor, now owned by Emily.

In "Disclosure", David is only seen with Victoria. He shows her where he lived during all these years, which turns out to be a small cavern at an unknown place. David asks her for answers about her role in the conspiracy that caused his doom and tells Victoria he still loves her. He confirms he knows that his daughter Amanda died in the boat accident two years earlier, knowingly fooling him Victoria goe along with he ignorance to get him on her side in the battle against Emily Thorne, which is his real daughter. After that, they both go to a pub where they continue their discussion. David also reveals Victoria that he killed Conrad after he saw on television what Conrad had


Although he had until recently only appeared in flashbacks, David was shown to have a kind and loving personality. He was very affectionate to his daughter, Amanda and loved her deeply, making sure that she had a happy childhood until his arrest. He was also the only person who believed in Nolan and because of this, Nolan was extremely loyal to him and, after he died, his daughter. David was in love with Victoria but she later betrayed him and got him put in prison.

However David was very forgiving, unlike his daughter who was obsessed with revenge, and managed to forgive Victoria (however, it was later revealed that he was not aware of his ex-lover's treachery, until she confessed to train him Season 4), after she sent him a letter in prison, telling him that she would do everything she could to get him out of prison (tragically she did not succeed) and saying how sorry she was for betraying him. Recently however a darker side to David's personality emerged. He killed Conrad (one of the people responsible for ruining his life, and for framing him for a crime he did not commit), without hesitation or remorse and Victoria claimed that the David she knew was entirely different from the one Amanda knew as a girl (there might be some truth to this as Victoria tends to favor morally ambiguous men).

When David learns that Victoria, did betray him (something that he had suspected) after she confessed her treachery to him, he planned to kill her, (as a son, Daniel had recently been killed) to make it look like a suicide, this revealed not only had he become ruthless, but was also not as forgiving as he used to be; the only reason why he did not kill Victoria when he had the chance, because his daughter Amanda convinced him not to, as killing his ex-lover would be too merciful (as she should suffer for being indirectly responsible for her son, Daniel's death).



Kara ClarkeEdit

Kara was David's ex-wife. She was the mother of his daughter, Amanda Clarke. After Kara's attempt to drown Amanda due to her mental illness, she was put into the Angel of Mercy Hospital and asked David to lie to their daughter by telling Amanda that she was dead for Amanda's own sake.

Victoria GraysonEdit

Main Article: Victoria and David


Amanda ClarkeEdit

Main Article: Amanda and David
David Amanda

Amanda and David are father and daughter and were very close to each other. After Amanda's mother was confined at the Angel of Mercy Hospital when she was only five years old, David Clarke began raising his daughter Amanda alone, after telling her that she was dead. But shortly after they had moved to the Hamptons, David was arrested for terrorism and was thought to be dead. But during the summer of 2014, Emily discovered that he was alive and started up their relationship again.

Charlotte ClarkeEdit

Main Article: David and Charlotte

Charlotte is David's second biological daughter, produced after the affair he had with Victoria Grayson.


Nolan RossEdit

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Bill HarmonEdit

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Memorable QuotesEdit

  • The worst betrayals come from those we trust the most.




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