Conrad and Lydia
Conrad Lydia
General Information
Intimacy Level: Lovers
Dating History: Met and started the affair before Legacy
Ended they romance on Reckoning
Restarted the romance on Surrender
Status: Separated; Conrad is dead
Relation: Romantic

Conrad and Lydia started out as friends, seeing as Lydia is the best friend of Conrad's wife, Victoria Grayson. Lydia, though, had long been attracted to Conrad and, when she decided to act on it, Conrad soon returned these feelings. Following Lydia's banishment from the Hamptons at the hands of Victoria, Conrad gave Lydia a loft, $10,000,000 and eventually a marriage proposal. Their sexual affair was exploited by Emily, and was a catalyst in the divorce between "Lydia and Michael Davis.


Season 1Edit

Conrad Lydia 101

Conrad and Lydia in the South Fork Inn

In "Pilot" Conrad and Lydia met in the South Fork Inn, but then Conrad fainted and when he was taked by the ambulance Lydia found Emily. Then Emily revealed this to Victoria who banished Lydia of the Hamptons

Conrad Lydia 102

Lydia tells Conrad that she is ruined

In "Trust" Lydia and Conrad met in his lymo where she told her that she was ruined. Somebody had sent their photos to Lydia's husband and she lost everything in the divorce

After Lydia awoke from her coma, she and Conrad rekindled there romance. Lydia was persuaded by Victoria to turn states evidence against Conrad. Alone at Grayson manor, Conrad burned a photograph of Victoria and Lydia.

Season 3Edit

Lydia returns to the Hamptons planning on exposing Conrad and Victoria, but changes her mind and rekindles her relationship with Conrad. Conrad invites her to Emily and Daniel's wedding, and she is missing when Emily is shot. Emily claims Lydia who her and Conrad promises to prove Lydia is innocent. Victoria tells Conrad that she has to let Lydia take the fall for Emily's shooting because Daniel was the one who shot Emily. Conrad agrees to protect his son, and sends Lydia away for her own protection.


  • Lydia is the only person Conrad does care about.
  • Lydia is the only person Conrad is loyal and protective over.

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