Truth Part 2 16
Conrad's Gubernatorial acceptance speech
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New York, USA


November 6th 2012


Truth, Part 2

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This was the event were Conrad appeared after the votes made him the Gobernator of the State of New York. During the day of the election a clear winner stand up, Conrad Grayson, and when it was official he appeared in front of the press. Daniel appeared before Conrad's speech to congratulate him and he had blood in his jacket, apparently from Aiden. Ashley planned to put the record of Conrad and Nate Ryan arguing about Amanda Clarke and Jack planned to kill him. Emily told Ashley what was Jack doing there and told her not to let Conrad go to stage. But when she heard what Conrad was going to profiteer Declan's death she told him that he was ready to go to stage, knowing that Jack would kill him. When Emily discovered what Jack was about to do she went to save Jack. She could just stop him in one way, reveal her truth identity and she did. While Victoria was seeing it by TV his son Patrick appeared in her house.