Clarke House
Type Residential
Inhabitants Unknown
Former residents Amanda Clarke
David Clarke
Kara Wallace
Michael Davis
Lydia Davis
Guests Victoria Grayson
Nolan Ross
Amanda Clarke
Daniel Grayson
Charlotte Clarke (invited)
Aiden Mathis
Levels 2
Location Southampton, New York
Address 3342 Old Montauk Highway
Southampton, NY 11900[1]

The Clarke House (formerly the Davis Cottage), commonly referred to as the Beach House, is the summer home that David Clarke bought for him and his daughter, Amanda Clarke, formerly under the alias, Emily Thorne. Emily Thorne lived here when she came back to the Hamptons.

Since David's arrest though, the house has belonged to Conrad Grayson, before he decided to sell it to his mistress and Victoria's best friend, Lydia Davis. During Lydia's divorce with her then husband, Michael, their ownership for the house is tested and eventually lost, so Emily swoops in and buys back her dad's home.

The house has two floors. The first floor is an open concept used for relaxing meals. Emily always sits in her living room when she thinks about her plan. The second floor has at least two bedrooms. In front of her house is a swing where she often sits in the afternoon.

The house is located in Southport, NC, at the end of Pebble Shore Lane, and can easily be found on internet mapping sites.

The house has been abandoned ever since Emily bought Grayson Manor. In "Renaissance", Emily visited the house when she saw someone peeking through the curtains. Though she saw no one, it was actually David Clarke in the house.

David is now living in the house.



  1. Shown on her checks in "Hatred"