Charlotte and Emily
Union 22
General Information
First Met: Duress
Status: Family
Relation: Fake Sisters
Charlotte and Emily have quite a sisterly relationship despite not being half-sisters. They met briefly during Daniel's Birthday Clam Bake, but when Charlotte found out that her biological father is David Clarke, she was eager to know her better. Their relationship became stronger when Charlotte learned that Amanda was pregnant and that Charlotte would become an aunt. However, because the real Amanda was pretending to be Emily Thorne at the time, she was led to believe that the former Amanda Clarke (the real Emily Thorne) was her half-sister.

Season 1Edit

In Duress, Charlotte met Amanda when they both attended Daniel's birthday party on the beach. Charlotte commented that Jack was a good guy and that Amanda should hold on to him, to which Amanda agreed.

In Scandal, Charlotte, thinking that Amanda is her real sister, talks to Emily about how she had a sister living next door to her and never knew. She wishes to know more about Amanda and their father, David Clarke.

Season 2Edit

In Resurrection, after Charlotte is released from rehab, Amanda Clarke offers to drive her to see her mother Victoria Grayson, who has been in hiding. On the way, Emily tells Charlotte that Amanda Clarke is back. Emily drives them to a beach where Amanda is waiting. Charlotte sees that Amanda is pregnant and is surprised to learn that she's going to be an aunt. While Emily waits in the car, Charlotte walks over to Amanda and the two sisters embrace. Later, Charlotte tells Victoria that she can help get her money but that she's going to stay because of Amanda's baby.

Season 3Edit



Season 1

Charlotte: Jack's a real keeper. You should try to hold on to that one.
Amanda: That's the plan.
-- Duress
Charlotte: (to Emily) Hard to believe I grew up with a sister right next door and I never had any idea. Do you think she knew the truth this whole summer? My mother thinks she did. There's just so much I want to ask her about her life, her father... Our father. But chances are that won't happen now.
-- Scandal
Victoria: Could it have been a woman, whose hair was tucked up into the hood?
Charlotte: Someone like my half-sister? I have no idea. Amanda and I weren't exactly close growing up?
-- Doubt

Season 2Edit

Victoria: (to Charlotte) If you want to spend the summer with Amanda Clarke, go ahead. Let her be your family now.
-- Resurrection
Charlotte: How did you get up here?
Amanda: Your sister has her ways.
-- Confidence


  • Amanda and Charlotte hug on the beach.



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