Charlotte and Conrad
Confidence 32
General Information
First Met: When Charlotte was born
Intimacy Level: Were Family
Status: Estranged
Relation: They were father and daughter, even though Conrad isn't her biological father

When we first meet Charlotte she is a young and rich kid, spoiled by her father with whom she seems to have a better relationship than with her mother, Victoria.

When her parents decide to divorce she takes her father's side and asks him to take her with him. However he finds out that she was an result of a affair between David and Victoria, which leads to him ostracizing her for a time (without Charlotte knowing why). Charlotte was heartbroken, and things have become increasingly strained with the revelation of her true parentage.

Overtime, Charlotte and Conrad repaired their relationship, but she turned against Conrad when she leaned he was responsible for the downing of Flight 197, and the deaths of Amanda Clarke and Declan Porter.

Furthermore after this revelation, their relationship completely deteriorated after Charlotte turned on Conrad and he threatened to kill her. They never got a chance to reconcile as Conrad was murdered soon after.


Season 1Edit

In Season 1, Charlotte is clearly a daddy's girl. This is only intensified when Charlotte learned that Victoria, at one point, wished Charlotte wouldn't have been born. Charlotte turned to Conrad and he was only all too happy to seek sole custody of Charlotte. Things changed when Conrad learned he may not be Charlotte's father. Conrad had a DNA test done and learned Charlotte wasn't his daughter; she was David Clarke's daughter. Conrad used this information to try and force Victoria to settle on his terms in the divorce. He also told Charlotte to go back to her mothers, devastating her.

Victoria forced Conrad's hand by bringing his father to the Hamptons. Victoria told Conrad that she wanted him to continue being a compassionate father to Charlotte and to never reveal her true paternity. To appease his father by keeping things civil with Victoria, Conrad made amends with Charlotte.

Season 2Edit

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Season 3Edit

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