Cast Billing Titles:

  • Main/Regular Cast: Characters that have appeared under the "Starring" credits at some point of the series, And they appear in nearly all or most Episodes
  • Guest Cast: Characters that have appeared under the "Guest Starring" credits, they appear in one or little episodes, With a limted role
  • Recurring Cast: These Characters will also appear under the "Guest Starring" credits, as there is no actual television name for it such as "Recurring Starring", However, these characters will be on the show very frequently in the season and if they appear within 3 episodes or more, they will turn into a Recurring Character. Sometimes towards the end of these credits, they will be "with" or "and" , Usually followed with one or two names after(Such as Margarita Levieva and Jennifer Jason Leigh). "With" tends to be someone who is a little bit more famous than the rest of the ensemble cast, but part of the team, so to speak, and "And" often refers to a famous actor with a lesser role.
  • Special Guest Star: Character who appears under "Special Guest Star", Casting of famous actors or other celebrities used to attract viewership(Such as Hiroyuki Sanada)
  • Co-Star Cast: Characters who appear under the "Co-Starring" Credits, they have a minor role to the story and the character is not so essential. Sometimes they may be just named as 'Doctor' or 'Officant' etc..
  • Breakout Cast: This means a Character who has been taken to a higher rank, For example, Barry Sloane has become a regular since Episode 14, So he Has been taken from a Recurring Status to a Starring Status