Season 4, Episode 20
4x19 10
Air date April 19, 2015
Written by Ted Sullivan
Directed by Ken Fink
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"Exposure (Special)"

Burn is the 20th episode of Season 4 and is the 85th episode overall.


VICTORIA REACHES HER BREAKING POINT WITH EXPLOSIVE RESULTS -- After Victoria is attacked, she takes matters into her own hands, while Emily is forced to come to terms with what she really wants.



Jack has the cemetery headstone that read "Amanda Clarke" switched out. It now says "Emily Thorne". The name thing is just one reminder of how complicated things are and will be in the future. The still-living Amanda assures Jack that she’s done with her revenge-nda as soon as she figures out what Victoria plans to do with the evidence against her. Speaking of the former Queen of the Hamptons, she’s viciously attacked in a parking garage. She tells Louise that her masked assailant was, in fact, Emily.

Tony advises Nolan to make amends with Amanda/Emily. So he does. The two friends talk it out. They’ll get through this. Elsewhere, a shaken Victoria holes up in her home. Louise reveals the details of the attack to Margaux, who contacts the FBI. Nolan informs Emily that the feds are on the way to Victoria’s hotel room. A plan is set. A fire alarm sounds in the hotel. During the evacuation, the FBI agent loses the flash drive. Victoria knows this was Emily’s doing.

Stevie needs documentation to legally change Carl’s last name. David is reluctant to sign the papers. He blows up at Stevie. It wasn’t about the papers though. David admits that he has lymphoma. He needs to start chemotherapy right away. He also has to tell his daughter, who is relieved that her revenge war is over. She believes she has no more battles to fight. This is why David can’t tell her his bad news.

Louise causes a big scene at a charity event. She makes Tony look really bad in front of his boss. The hits just keep on coming when Jack tells Nolan that he’s moving to Los Angeles. He needs to move on from Amanda/Emily because he doesn’t believe she’ll ever change. He also doesn’t want Nolan to ever tell him that she loves him again. Jack gives his good friend a hug goodbye. A short time later, Nolan learns that his relationship with Tony is the real deal.

Stevie gives David the number of the best oncologist she knows. She wants him to know that he’s not going through this alone. Elsewhere, Nolan lets Amanda/Emily know that Jack is leaving. Ben overhears their conversation. It’s a reality check for him. So he bolts. As for Amanda/Emily, she has 20 minutes to stop Jack from getting on that plane. She arrives a little too late. Moments later, the normally bow-tied one, Mason Treadwell, shows up to lecture her on how she just can’t exist without revenge.

Victoria pays off her bodyguard for his delivery of a sentimental chair. She places the item inside Grayson Manor. She then opens up a gas valve. Victoria takes a seat in that same chair she reacquired a short time earlier. She pulls out a lighter placing her hand on the flame starter. Then…BOOM! A fiery explosion rocks the night. Grayson Manor is ablaze as a massive fire rages out of control.

Which I supose is just now starting to become apparent, standing there alone on the tarmac, realizing that while you hid behind your mission of revenge, everyone else around you evolved. Did you really think they'd wait forever, sacrificing everything and getting nothing in return? Did you honestly believe that you'd get your "happily ever after" after so many lies to so many different people, until all you had left were enemies? Like the little pyromaniac that you are, you started a fire and convinced yourself that you could contain it. But now I know your dirty little secret. You can't exist without revenge. The endless cycle of hate, it's your addiction. And like all tales of compulsion, this will end the same way. First you crash, and then you'll burn.

Mason Treadwell


Main Cast

Guest Cast


  • Linc Hand as Kurt Renner
  • Matthew Lenhart as Doctor
  • Vic Chao as Mr. Wu
  • Al Carabello as Miguel


Jack Porter: Don't ever tell me that she loves me again

Victoria Grayson: She has taken away everything from me

Mason Treadwell: You can't live without revenge

Mason Treadwell: First you crash, and then you'll burn





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  • Victoria Grayson fakes her death in this episode after setting Grayson Manor ablaze, a charred body is found inside after the fire was put out.
  • Amanda takes over flash drive which is Victoria's last evidence.