Death 1
Burial of Amanda Clarke
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Autumn 2012



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Annual Labour day Bash (hosted by Graysons)

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Amanda Clarke Charity Foundation

Emily Thorne delivers the eulogy because Jack Porter asked her too earlier on. During the service, we see Aiden Mathis break into Jack's house to steal back Emily's laptop with all the evidence incriminating the Graysons back that Jack found in a storage locker that Amanda had. After the service, Jack ignores Emily because she lied to him about knowing Amanda's vendetta against the Graysons and for knowing her in Juvie. Jack then thanks Conrad Grayson for being there and asks him if they can meet to find a way to remember Amanda (with a fake smile). Emily tells Nolan Ross that she's thinking about telling Jack the truth about who she is. Nolan believes that she should wait and let Jack grieve for Amanda. Jack approaches and asks Nolan to help him with some "computer problems". Victoria later tells Emily that it would be a shame to die before your children. That it's a blessing that David wasn't there to see his daughter die.