Bombing in Grayson Global's Headquarters
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New York, USA


November 5th 2012


Truth, Part 1

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This was the second, known, terrorist attack by the Americon Initiative, the first being the downing of the Flight 197. By then they framed David Clarke. This time they framed his "pupil" Nolan Ross he was putin prison but he was later freed after the fail safe he embedded in Carrion exonerated him and he was released after being in prison for six months. The bombing began when Aiden cleared the Grayson's account which activated Carrion and created a blackout in New York. During the blackout all of Grayson Global's systems were fried and in need of repair. Gregor Hoffman pretended to be a repairman and placed the bomb in the building. Conrad asked Daniel to let his employees go home to avoid casualties. Conrad sent a text message to Jack off Ashley's phone to try and lure him to Grayson Global during the explosion. Declan phoned Charlotte to apologize and she told him that she was with Daniel, he assumed that she meant they were in Grayson Global and went there. During the Conrad's press conference right before the explosion everybody received a message saying; LONG LIVE DAVID CLARKE and then Grayson Global exploded. Emily goes in the building after the explosion looking for Jack she see's a person trapped under rubble but she is evaccuated before she can see who it is, Nolan is at the office and Jack walks in revealing he got Nolan's message and asking how he knew about the bomb. Declan who was reveled to be in the building was rushed to hospital but later died from a ruptured artery in his heart. Nolan was framed for the attack and got arrested, the FBI showed him a video of Padma testifying against him while she was kidnapped by Trask, Padma says that Nolan is the Americon Initiative and was behind the bomb.