Ava Winters

Ava Winters is young female lead in the book "Schooled In Revenge", she has come to Rebun Island to learn the ways of revenge from Satoshi Takeda.


Ava was once the heiress to the Starling Vineyards, she was in love the guy of her dreams who became her fiance. Then her fiance stole her inheritance and sold it William Reinhardt. The lost of her inheritance practically destroyed Ava and that set her on this path of revenge, she travelled to Japan in search of vengance.

On Rebun IslandEdit

After she began training Ava met the other students training with Takeda: Jon, Jane, Cruz and Reena who all had a reason for wanting justice. Then one night Ava met beautiful Emily Thorne who shares her own wisdom with Ava about her journey to revenge.

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