Annual Labour day Bash 2012
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Grayson Manor


September 2nd, 2012



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Burial of Amanda Clarke

Even Helen's murder is not important enough to stop one of Victoria's parties. And they celebrated the Labour Day Bash planning to frame Amanda Clarke for Helen's death. Conrad also used it to announce his gubernamental candidacy. The party began and a new face appeared; Trask who was looking for Helen. Victoria and Conrad told him their version but he didn't believe it, and also told him about Amanda Clarke suggesting that she killed her. Trask went to The Stowaway to investigate and found Helen mobile, the one that Victoria left there. Then in the middle of the party and with his family next to him Conrad announced his candidacy.




  • This is one of the few parties in the Hampton's in which Emily didn't attend as she was out at sea trying to save Amanda and Jack.

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