Amanda and Victoria
General Information
First Met: Pre-Pilot as Amanda

Pilot as Emily

Status: Enemies
Relation: Enemy
She is my enemy, David, things transpired between us that can't be undone.
— Victoria to David about Emily, Contact

Amanda and Victoria hate each other for two very different reasons; Amanda Clarke sees Victoria as the person who ruined her childhood by framing her father and then proceeding to have her locked up as a child. Victoria Grayson blames Amanda for the destruction of her family, since she began date her son Daniel Grayson. Even that they've always keep the forms until the wedding of Emily and Daniel, since then they both have been after each other which led Victoria discovering Emily's real identity and being institutionalized by Emily. The two continue their warfare throughout Season 4, which indirectly led to the deaths of Daniel and his unborn Grandchild. Victoria knew the war between her and Amanda would never end, so she decided to commit suicide with the intent of framing Amanda for her murder.


Season 1

Emily Victoria 101

Emily and Victoria meet for the first time

In "Pilot" Ashley introduced them both at the Memorial Day Party. Then, Emily revealed to Victoria that Lydia was having an affair with Conrad.
Emily Victoria 102

Victoria interrogating Emily

In "Trust" Victoria began investigating Emily and realized that the best way to discover the truth was to ask her, so she invited her to have tea at the Grayson Manor. During the interrogation Daniel appeared and Emily announced that she was the new owner of the beach house, which didn't liked Victoria as she had bited for the house in order to prevent Emily from getting it.

Season 2

Season 3

Season 4


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