Amanda and David
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General Information
First Met: When Amanda was born
Status: Father and Daughter
Relation: Family

Amanda and David are father and daughter and were very close to each other. After Amanda's mother was confined at the Angel of Mercy Hospital when she was only five years old, David Clarke began raising their daughter Amanda alone, after telling her that she was dead. But shortly after they had moved to the Hamptons David was arrested for terrorism and was thought to be dead. But during the summer 2014 Emily discovered that he was alive and they started again with their relationship.


Season 1

David Amanda 101

Amanda and David at the beach

In "Pilot" we the flashbacks from the day that David was arrested. That was the day that David drew her the two infinities. That night David was arrested for terrorism.

Season 2


Season 3

Emily's goal to clear David's name and prove his innocence succeeded yet she didn't find out until later that David was actually alive and that he escaped from prison.

Season 4

David found out that Emily was really Amanda after he saw her double infinity tattoo after she confronted him about why he never came for her and left her in foster care after he escaped from prison. They are reconnecting as father and daughter after all these years apart. David now knows that it was Emily who cleared his name after Victoria lied and said it was Charlotte.