Amanda and Ashley
Emily Ashley
General Information
First Met: Lineage (Flashback)
Status: Ex-best friends
Relation: Enemies

Amanda and Ashley used to be best friends before they came to the Hamptons. Although Amanda became her friend to gain access to the Graysons and the Hamptons circle; she truly considered Ashley to be her friend, until the latter betrayed her. Ashley might had considered Amanda as her friend but this changed when they both climbed through the Grayson Family as Amanda succeeded and Ashley didn't. After this their relationship as friends (secretly) ended, and their relationship as enemies (secretly) began when Ashley began dating Daniel.

In Season 3, when Amanda and Daniel came back together, Ashley threatened Amanda to expose her true feelings towards Jack to the Graysons (there friendship officially ends, and they officially become enemies) however, when Conrad's Huntington's disease was leaked to the press, Amanda successfully put the blame on Ashley, forcing her ex-best friend to go back to Croydon, as Amanda and Ashley do not part ways on good terms with each other.


Emily Thorne met Ashley years before Ashley ever knew Emily. It is revealed in Lineage that Emily spotted Ashley as the girl Sergei has chosen to give his boss, Dmitri Lvovsky. Ashley goes to the ladies' room and cries, nervous about her first time as a prostitute. Emily then gives Ashley some money through the stall so she could take her place for her mission. Ashley, grateful, never gets to see Emily but leaves happily.

Season 1

Emily Ashley 101

Ashley welcomes Emily

In "Pilot" Ashley welcomed Emily to the Hamptons whlie she was moving in and they decided to meet later to have a drink. As Ashley was too busy she couldn't go. Then, at the party Ashley organized, she introduced to Emily all of the important people of the Hamptons, including Victoria, Conrad and Daniel

Emily Ashley 102

Ashley apologizing to Emily

In "Trust" Ashley saw Emily in the Polo match and invited her to the V.I.P. tent. With Daniel's help, Ashley planned Emily's housewarming bash but she later apoligized to her as they had ruined Daniel and Emily's first date, but Emily didn't care, but told her that she didn't like surprises.

Season 2

Ashley and Emily are still cordial with one another, but Emily does expose her affair with Conrad Grayson to Give Daniel the leverage he needs to dethrone Conrad as CEO of Grayson Global.

Season 3

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  • Amanda and Ashley both have the same first name as their actress'; Emily VanCamp and Ashley Madekwe