Alison Stoddard
Portrayed by Jessica Tuck
Biographical Information
Full name: Alison Stoddard
Status: Alive
Residence: New York
Occupation: Unknown
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blond
Significant Others: Mark Stoddard (husband)
Character Information
First appearance: Identity
Latest appearance: Engagement
Appearance Count: 2

Alison Stoddard is the wife of the incumbent Governor of New York, Mark Stoddard, who aided Conrad Grayson in sabotaging her husband's re-election campaign.


Alison, at the time of the series, is the wife of New York's incumbent Governor, Mark Stoddard. The two had a long, happy marriage, originally meeting due to their shared love of politics. Mark's private doctor informed them Mark had a degenerative heart condition - and that, due to the constant travel, general absence and the strain of being in public office, Mark would not survive another term as Governor, and quite possibly the year itself. Mark refused to leave the job he loved, and confirmed he would seek re-election.

When Conrad Grayson stepped forward as the only possible contender who could defeat Mark for his office, Alison privately met with Conrad and explained the situation. From this point, she began leaking information about Mark's campaign to give Conrad the upper hand. Alison still loved her husband, however, and did all she did to protect him from killing himself with his job.

Alison was confronted by Victoria Grayson about a picture of her and Conrad together (taken by Jack Porter, and interpreted by him and Ashley Davenport to be evidence of an affair). Alison explained that she is only interested in her husband's health and advised Victoria to make sure Conrad only spends one term in office for his own sake. Alison also explained she wouldn't expose Mark's failing health, as he would never forgive her for undermining his campaign. Unbeknownst to her, Victoria recorded their conversation and exposed it to the media, severely crippling Mark's campaign, and setting in motion his defeat by Conrad. It is unknown how Alison and Mark responded to the incident.


  • Is from Ithaca, New York, like her husband.
  • Beat her husband for the school council at some point.


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