Alexander Barrol
Portrayed by David Monahan
Biographical Information
Status: Alive
Residence: San Francisco
Occupation: Trauma Surgeon
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Relatives: Tyler Barrol † (brother)
Character Information
Appears in: Duress
Appearance Count: 1
Alexander Barrol is Tyler's brother. He is a 35-year-old trauma surgeon at the San Francisco Medical Center.

Emily Thorne and Nolan Ross find out about him in the San Francisco Police Department's database and contact him about his brother. He later comes to Nolan's house and saves him from the binds Tyler put him in. When they get to the clambake party at the beach, Tyler has Emily at gunpoint after Conrad Grayson refuses to answer his question. Alexander convinces Tyler to talk with him and, after Tyler's attention has been diverted, Jack and Daniel manage to pin him down. ("Duress")

Alexander didn't appear in any subsequent episodes, leaving his reaction to Tyler's death unknown.

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