2002 Grayson New Year's Bash
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Grayson Manor


December 31st 2002



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The Trial of David Clarke

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This is the New Year Bash celebrated by the Graysons with an evil purpose. It all began when Mason sent a note to Conrad signed by David Clarke. He decided to invite everybody who help him in David Clarke's case. Lydia and Michael Davis were the first to arrive and they announced that they wanted to buy old David Clarke's house which was in the ownership of the Graysons. Emily managed to be in as a waitress to take a look to the people who destroyed her father. Mason told Victoria that he was planning to write another book about David Clarke and gave her a photo of David's last day where his killer appeared. Emily revealed who was her to Roger and he told her that everybody in the party was involved in the framing. Frank and Conrad thought that Roger was the one who sent the note. Roger pretending that he was falling gave a note to Emily who was holding him and then Frank took him. During his speech, Conrad announced that he bought the house for them. Emily found Roger's note, and found Roger dead. In the note Roger said that he would help Emily to expose the Graysons.